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Tradition in Action catholic books

catholic books  NEW!  Michael Saint Amand Interviews Atila Sinke Guimarães on the Vatican II Collection


(My God, my God, why hast Thou forsaken me?)

A good friend of Tradition in Action, Michael Saint Amand, suggested that a short work be published to benefit Readers and prepares them for what they will read in the 11-volume Collection on Vatican II by Atila Guimarães. A handbook that would give a first orientation and understanding of the Author's aim in undertaking this massive work.

The initiative came to light in a 90-page booklet. In it Saint Amand poses a series of 45 questions to the Author on what inspired the Collection, the topics it covers, the process of writing it and the problems encountered. It also includes:
  • Biographies of the Author and his mentor, Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira;
  • A Vocabulary List explaining expressions unfamiliar to the normal reader;
  • The words written by Prof. Plinio to mark the beginning and the end of the writing of the Collection.
  • Excerpts from book reviews on Volumes of the Collection and comments by readers.
The easy-to-read and eludicating work is only $5 – inexpensive precisely because it is meant to be in the hands of every reader of the Collection as well as a tool to introduce the Collection to a broader public. Get your copy now!

A captivating read, shedding light on the letter & spirit of the Council & its destructive fruits

                  96 pp. (A-37)   $ 5
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Tradition in Action books
catholic books   NEW!  The fascinating history of one of the oldest statues of Our Lady in the United States!

      discovering our lady of bethlehem

Her Journey with Fr. Serra

Fr. Junípero Serra brought this life-size statue of Our Lady carrying the Christ Child  on the first Expedition to California in 1769. As you will read, his history is closely intertwined with hers.

In this short, easy-to-read book, you will learn how Our Lady of Bethlehem came twice to California over the sea; how she presided over the Missions; how she was exiled during the sad period of secularization, and how she was lovingly returned during the Mission restoration in the mid-1900s.

Today she stands, regal and maternal, in the side Chapel of San Carlos Borromeo Church in Carmel There she waits, showing herself most expressive and willing to receive pilgrims and visitors.

To discover Our Lady of Bethlehem is to find an important part of our American Catholic History

                  80 pp. (A-36)   $10
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Tradition in Action Catholic books

You can purchase ALL 11 VOLUMES of the Collection on Vatican II
Eli, Eli, Lamma Sabacthani by Atila S. Guimarães

Special Sale! Buy the WHOLE COLLECTION for 25% OFF
11 volume Set - $ 165

Tradition in Action books
 catholic books 3rd edition, updated & re-edited.  Volume I of the Collection Eli, Eli, Lamma  Sabacthani?

     In the Murky Waters of Vatican II

           Volume I
     of the Collection


A book that broke the myth of Vatican II. In 1997 when it was first published, no one dared to disagree publicly with the Council. Today everyone dicusses its ambiguity and progressivist influence.

Know how ambiguity in the official texts of Vatican II opened the door for progressivist interpretations. And how Progressivism then installed itself in the Catholic Church. A carefully written, authoritative book about the Council and its aftermath.

A landmark in American Catholicism

New! Word and Subject Index!

396 pp.     $20

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Tradition in Action Catholic books

 catholic books   Ahora en español!  Volumen I de la Colección: Eli, Eli, Lamma Sabacthani?

     tiabk_A27_AguasTurbias_sm.jpg - 41770 Bytes


El primer volumen del estudio de 11 volúmenes
sobre el Concilio Vatican II.

Por primera vez en español!

448 pp.     $25

MÁS sobre este libro

Tradition in Action Catholic books

catholic books    An indispensable work to understand Vatican II! - Volume II of the Collection

    tiabk_AnimusInj_sm.jpg - 35940 Bytes

          Volume II
      of the Collection

ANIMUS INJURIANDI - I   (Desire to Offend)

After establishing Vatican II as ambiguous in its documents, Atila Guimarães now starts to investigate the spirit of the Council. In this work he examines the actual conciliar debates, speeches and proposals. Key papal pronouncements and leading post-conciliar personalities are also studied.

What is the result of this search? It is not a comforting picture. The author shows that many of those Prelates and theologians expressed surprisingly bitter resentments against the Catholic Church. They insult her militant past, monarchical structure, stable dogmas, coherent morals and solemn liturgy. Outrageous theories like the Church as a Chaste Prostitute are proposed.

392 pp.   $20

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Tradition in Action Catholic books

catholic books    Volumen II de la colección Eli, Eli, Lamma Sabacthani?

    deseo de ofender

          Volumen II

ANIMUS INJURIANDI - I    (Deseo de Ofender - I)

El segundo volumen del estudio de 11 volúmenes sobre el Concilio Vatican II - colección Lamma Sabacthani?

Esta es una obra indispensable para cualquier persona que quiera entender el Concilio Vaticano II.

396 pp.   $20

MÁS sobre este libro

Tradition in Action books

catholic books   Exposes the massive tide of insults against the Faith after Vatican II

    tiabk_A28_AI_2_sm.jpg - 58314 Bytes

          Volume III
       of the Collection

ANIMUS INJURIANDI - II    (Desire to Offend)

Not so long ago the Catholic Faith was proudly called the Holy Faith. The adjective Holy reflected the great honor and veneration the faithful paid it. The present Volume aims to expose the offenses against such honor.

After Vatican II, a massive tide of insults rose against the Faith as it was always taught. Progressivists felt free to insult the past Faith, its dogmas, sources and sacraments.  Guimarães offers Readers an appalling list of such offenses as an expression of the spirit of the Council.

A heartbreaking read that is, nonetheless, indispensable for anyone who wants to understand the spirit of the Council.

Includes an important analysis of John Paul II's visit to the synagogue

352 pp.   $20

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Tradition in Action Catholic books

 catholic books   Atila Guimarães shows that hidden behind the spirit of the Council lies a desire to destroy

      Animus Delendi

            Volume IV
        of the Collection

ANIMUS DELENDI - I  (Desire to Destroy)

This superbly documented presentation of the "desire to destroy" examines the planned self-destruction of the Holy Church as designed and executed by the Conciliar and post-Conciliar progressivists.

The author shows the roles played by the Pontiffs, the highest ranking ecclesiastical authorities, and progressivist theologians in the plan of auto-demolition of the Holy Catholic Church.

Superb!   502 pp.   $20

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Tradition in Action Catholic books

 catholic books   An eye opener!   Analyzes how Secularization & Ecumenism are destroying the Church

Animus Delendi II

          Volume V
     of the Collection

ANIMUS DELENDI - II  (Desire to Destroy)

Don’t be a “useful innocent.” Know about two important maneuvers coming from Vatican II that are fooling well-intentioned Catholics: Secularization and Ecumenism.

Read Animus Delendi II – a denouncement never before made with this clarity. Secularization is moving toward a trans-Socialist structure to replace the State. Ecumenism is heading toward a Pan-religion under the hegemony of the Jewish religion.

And much more.   384 pp.  $20

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Tradition in Action Catholic books

catholic books     Enlightening!  The very foundations of the Catholic Faith are being changed

     Will He Find Faith?

           Volume VI of
          the Collection

WILL HE FIND FAITH? - Inveniet Fidem?

Guimarães continues to examine the fruits of the Council, demonstrating a systematic attack against the Faith.

Before the Council, theFaith was an objective ensemble of truths. Now it is subjective. Then it was absolute, now it is relative. Before, it was universal, valid for all men, everywhere and always. Today it is valid only for particular situations. It used to be expressed in immutable dogmas. Now it is adaptable to history.

This volume shows how after Vatican II the Church adopted Modern Philosophy and applied it to theology. The result is a total inversion made in our Holy Faith.

384 pp.   $20

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Read an interview on this book.

Tradition in Action books

catholic books    Volume VII of the Collection Eli, Eli, Lamma Sabacthani? by Atila S. Guimarães

     Destructio ei Destruction of God

            Volume VII
         of the Collection

DESTRUCTIO DEI  -  (Destruction of God)

How is God - as Absolute, Transcedent and Personal - being denied today? Read this Volume to find out.

Nothing can be more important than the notion that we have of God, since the whole idea of adoring the One who creates and maintains everything in its being is the most basic concept of Religion. Through the centuries, the Catholic Church established her magnificent doctrine on God: He is One and Triune; He is Absolute, Transcendent and Personal.

Now, a New Theology comes saying the opposite. It confuses the Persons, and preaches a Relative, Immanent and Impersonal God. Was it condemned? It should have been, but it was not. Instead it has been largely supported by the religious authorites as an authentic fruit of Vatican II.
Learn about these errors and immunize yourself against them. Read the latest blast by Atila Guimaraes in this fight that is become a War of Gods, a much more interesting topic than Star Wars.

Analyzes the novel systems of Rahner and von Balthasar on the Trinity

408 pp. (A-29)   $20

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Tradition in Action Catholic books

catholic books  Volume VIII of the Collection - Exposes the errors of Gnosis & the Kabballah

     Fumus Satanae the smoke of satan atila guimaraes

             Volume VIII
          of the Collection

The Smoke of Satan

Lost in the confused language of Progressivism? Guimaraes clarifies this complicated maze and makes it accesible to every reader!

An Eternal Feminine, a Christ existing before time, an androgynous Adam, a sin committed inside the Trinity, an Eternal Redemption: These and other strange topics are set forth and examined.

A shocking exposé shwoing that Progressivism is the synthesis not only of all the heresies, but also of the errors of Gnosis and the Kabbalah.

A pearl of the Collection
                  400 pp. (A-32)   $20
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Tradition in Action Catholic books

catholic books  NEW!  Volume IX of the Collection on Vatican II - Analyzes Evolutionism & Historicism

     Creatio Guimarares

               Volume IX
           of the Collection


Creatio offers four main benefits to its readers.

First, Atila S. Guimarães attacks two critical pillars of Vatican II’s Progressivism: Evolutionism and Historicism.

Second, the author offers a singular historic overview of how the modernist-progressivist doctrines were able to progress from Leo XIII until Vatican II.

Third, he provides one of the best syntheses of Evolutionism’s scientific errors that can be found today: short, objective and devastating.

Fourth, to invalidate progressivist Historicism, Guimarães sets out an ensemble of Catholic principles and laws that allows his reader to discern and judge History from the highest perspectives.

Altogether, it provides the reader with formidable weapons to tackle the progressivist errors.

A milestone in the fight against Evolutionism & Historicism
                   272 pp. (A-33)   $20
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Tradition in Action Catholic books

catholic books  NEW!  Volume X of the Collection on Vatican II - New meaning for sin, Redemption, grace!

     peccato redemptio

               Volume X
           of the Collection

(Sin -Redemption)

Peccato-Redemptio follows in logical sequence the previous Vol. IX Creatio. It deals with original sin, Redemption, grace and the Sacraments, showing first the sound Catholic doctrine.

Then, it demostrates how Progressivism uses the same words but gives them entirely different meanings.

Our Savior warned us: "By their fruits you shall know them" (Mt 7:20). Applying this criterion to Vatican Council II, the Reader can evaluate the depth of malice of the progressivists – theologians, Prelates and Popes – who aim with this tactic to destroy the perennial teaching of the Church.

                  246 pp. (A-34)   $20
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Tradition in Action Catholic books

catholic books     New theories on the Church that are replacing the traditional ecclesiology

     tiabk_Ecclesia_sm.jpg - 24350 Bytes

           Volume XI
        of the Collection

ECCLESIA - The Church

The foundation of the new thinking of Vatican II is the concept of the Church as Mystery. To capture this elusive mystery is as difficult as to padlock a ghost. Nonetheless, Guimaraes manages to do so.

In Ecclesia, he analyzes every possible orthodox mystery regarding the Church's doctrine, constitution and mission. Based on this, he easily shows that 'mystery' used by Vatican II is something very different. The Catholic Church becomes the leaven to unite all false confessions in a Pan-religion that fosters a Universal Republic.

Other new concepts of Vatican II - People of God, Poor Church, Sinning Church, Servant Church, Church of Love and Church Tolerant - are also analyzed. Each title targets one aspect of the Catholic Church to be destroyed.

A lucid and encompassing study!
320 pp.   $20

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Tradition in ActionCatholic books

 catholic    A devastating work by A. S. Guimarães - Special Edition to the Collection

     Atila Guimaraes

     Special Edition to
        the Collection

   "This book is dynamite!"
                 - A Reader


Until now, the scandal of homosexuality and pedophilia in the Church has hit priests, Bishops and Cardinals. In this book, Guimarães shoots higher and denounces the present day Vatican as an accomplice, and raises serious suspicions about the moral behavior of a post-conciliar Pope.

Why is all this immorality flooding the Church? Because Vatican II opened the dike, Guimarães answers, and gives the evidence. He also presents Catholic tradition regarding homosexuality, quoting Scriptures, Popes, Saints, and Church law. Then he analyzes post-conciliar documents that assumed a new tolerant moral approach conflicting with the prior Magisterium.

Courageous, frank, thorough.
A must-read!     315 pp.      $18

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Tradition in Action Catholic books

 catholic books   A picture presentation of the changes in the Papacy since Vatican II

     Previews of the New Papacy

      Special Edition to
         the Collection


Nearly 500 pictures illustrate the unusual conduct of the post-Vatican II Popes. A stark contrast with the dignity and sense of sacrality of previous Popes is evident. Chapters on morals, sacrality, symbols, the cultural revolution, collegiality and ecumenism.

This indisputable panorama of pictures reveals a disturbing trend toward a strange new Papacy. Indispensable tool to show what is going on in the Church - even for those who don't want to see.

A real eye-opener.   285 pp.  $15


 catholic books   The Resistance - "A shot heard around the world !"

We Resist You to the Face


Following the example of St. Paul, four Catholic journalists (Atila Sinke Guimarães, Michael J. Matt, John Vennari, Marian T. Horvat, Ph.D.) make a public statement of Catholic resistance to the teachings of the Council and of the Popes that are objectively opposed to the Magisterium.

The Statement of Resistance is an objective analysis of the consequences of ecumenism and the adaptation of the Church to the modern world, as applied since the Council. The authors affirm that this position implies neither the desire to judge the Pope or to declare the Apostolic See vacant.

They base their action on Doctors of the Church, among them St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Robert Bellarmine.

A new point of reference in the Catholic panorama
A must-read for all Catholics.   168 pp.  $10

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Tradition in Action Catholic Books

 catholic bookstore   A courageous and respectful defense of the traditional Papacy

Previews of the New Papacy


The same four authors of We Resist You to the Face - Atila Sinke Guimarães, Michael J. Matt, John Vennari, and Marian T. Horvat, Ph.D. (see this book below) - analyze the desire of John Paul II to change the Petrine Primacy in order to make it acceptable to Schismatics and Protestants. In an open letter to the Roman Pontiff they beg him to not change the Papacy. They also suggest opening a dialogue to discuss this crucial topic.

Many pictures illustrate and heighten the message.

A timely issue.  96 pp.   $7

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Collect all the books in our Family Collection!

Tradition in Action

 catholic books      What courtesy is - and how to establish it in the Catholic home

     CCA_sm.jpg - 21396 Bytes

    The Family Collection


Another book on etiquette? No, Courtesy Calls Again is much more than that.

It presents the virtues essential to the practice of an authentic courtesy. It examines and debunks myths that have shaped our modern culture – the cowboy, the pioneer woman, the big boy, the spontaneous man and the natural man.

It offers practical advice on how to establish courteous relationships in the home. How should a husband and wife treat each other and give correct example for their children? Why should a father treat his sons and daughters differently? What does a mother do to train her children well? How do parents avoid a child-centered home?

The essential elements of sound Catholic relationships in the family unit are presented here. A new American home becomes possible – serious, hierarchical, harmonic, and joyful.

Judith Fife Mead and Marian Therese Horvat present models and customs from the rich treasury of Catholic tradition – and challenge us to respond to the urgent call to courtesy.

154 pp.   $16

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 catholic books      For the Catholic gentleman-in-the-making

     Catholic Manual of Civility

    The Family Collection


This manual is more than a book of rules. It addresses the formation of character as the foundation of courtesy. It establishes the importance of order, punctuality and cleanliness as obligations, first before God, and then, as acts of courtesy toward our neighbor. In short, it aims to form the well-bred Catholic.

Yes, it also teaches the needed good rules of etiquette that one should practice both at home and in society.

An invaluable aid for the youth or family who aims for the restoration of Christian Civilization in customs, manners and ways of being.

Translated and edited by Marian T. Horvat, Ph.D

160 pp.   $16

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Tradition in Action Catholic books

 catholic bookstore   The basics on the family with suggestions on how to reconstitute it - by Marian T. Horvat

     Restoring the Family

      The Family Collection


This work appears at an opportune moment - when many young parents are asking to know more about how the Catholic family was constituted in the past. It answers this question, and gives customs and practices that can be applied in your family. Explains how to build and maintain continuity and stability in a family for generations.

Dr. Horvat comments on Msgr. Henri Delassus' classic work, The Spirit of the Family, and reproduces a timely chapter from it: "Paternal Authority and Maternal Piety."

First in a series of booklets on the family.
 65 pp.   $7

Tradition in Action

Our Lady of Good Success
Visit Our Lady of Good Success Bookshop
for more books and pictures

Tradition in ActionCatholic books

 catholic books   BOOK ONE - Our Lady's Prophetic Message for Our Times

     Our Lady of Good Success prophecies for our times

           Book One


Three hundred years ago, Our Lady described to a nun in Quito, Ecuador the shocking state of the world and the profound crisis in the Church that would begin the middle of the 20th century. This devotion would be a remedy for that crisis.

She also gave a message of great hope: She promised a miraculous intercession and a triumph!Invocation to Our Lady of Good Success has brought countless graces and cures of body and soul.

Approved by the Church since 1632!

A Bestseller!   72 pp.    $7

MORE on this book

CD or Audiocassette and color photos also available.

Tradition in Action catholic books

 catholic books   BOOK TWO - More on the History, Miracles and Prophecies of Our Lady of Good Success

     Stories and Miracles of OUr Lady of Good Success

            Book Two


Book Two tells how the statue of Our Lady of Good Success was made and miraculous ly completed by the three Archangels and St. Francis of Assisi. It also relates the fulfillment of some prophecies and the first miracles.

Our Lady promised her help to those would have and spread this devotion in our times.

Thie prophecies confirm and complete the Fatima message!

102 pp.       $8

MORE on this book

Color photos also available.

Tradition in Action Catholic books

  catholic bookstore  First time in English! The only centuries-old source available on the topic

     Admirable Life of Mother Mariana

        Volume One
  by Fr. Manuel Pereira


Now you can know everything about Our Lady of Good Success from the 1790 original manuscript by Fr. Manuel Sousa Pereira.

The story and prophecies of Our Lady of Good Success are inseparable from the person of Mother Mariana de Jesus Torres (1563-1635), a Conceptionist religious in Quito, Ecuador. Our Lady asked her to become an expiatory victim for the impurity, heresies, and blasphemies that would be unleashed on the Church in the 20th century. She agreed, thus linking herself to our times in a special way.

Her extraordinary life and the revelations she received were written in 1790 by Fr. Pereira, a Franciscan priest she appeared to 150 years after her death. This is Volume I of his work, presented for the first time in English.

The devotion to Our Lady of Good Success has been approved by the Church since 1611.

Translated by Marian T. Horvat, Ph.D.
    252 pp.       $16

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catholic books  With the important prophecies for our days from the original 1790 manuscript

     Admirable Life of Mother Mariana

          Volume Two
     by Fr. Manuel Pereira


In Volume II, Fr. Manuel Sousa Pereira recounts many more apparitions and favors from Our Lady of Good Success to Mother Mariana de Jesus Torres during the years 1610-1635.

The prophecies specific to our times describe an enormous apostasy in the Church, the general corruption of the clergy and Prelates, heresies, the abandonment of the rules in convents and monasteries, and the culpability of high ecclesiastical authorities.

Our Lady predicted that at the moment when the abuse of those authorities would reach an apex and the situation would seem lost, she would intervene and restore the Catholic Church to her proper splendor.

Volume II also includes how the statue was made and miraculously completed; the story of Fr. Pereira's conversion; Mother Mariana's last testament, her death and the first miracles; and many startline, accurate prophesies about our times.

Translated by Marian T. Horvat, Ph.D.
  358 pp.       $20

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Tradition in Action catholic books

 catholic books    A special novena to Our Lady of Good Success.

     OLGS Novena Blooklet - 21925 Bytes

        Novena booklet


This prayer booklet offers prayers and a very old and blessed novena with beautiful daily meditations written for the cloistered Sisters in the Quito Conceptionist Convent. It was adapted for men and women in the world so they can have recourse to Our Lady of Good Success through this beautiful nine-day prayer. The Prologue by Fr. Jose M. Urrate tells the story of the origin of this devotion in Spain, and its prodigious development in Ecuador.

Includes many other prayers to Our Lady of Good Success.

A handy booklet that fits in purse or pocket

52 pp.       $6

Color photos also available.

Tradition in Action

More timely works for your library

Tradition in Action Catholic books

catholic books     Don't miss this work on St. Philomena - The Wonder Worker for Our Times


    See our NEW Holy Card with a
           petition prayer on back.

       Laminated cards - 3 1/2" x 5"


Four devotees of the Virgin-Martyr - Marian Horvat, Judith Mead, Ellyn Miller Á Catherine Croisette - bring to light this work on the Saint's life and the history of thed evotion.

Simply told, easy to read, this tribute to St. Philomena - called the Light of the Church Militant by St. John Vianney - explains why she is a Saint for our days.

Includes a chapter of prayers and devotions

                  88 pp. (A-31)   $10

                  MORE on this book

Tradition in Action books
 catholic books     The life of the head of the Holy Family

     The great Saint Joseph


This book by Dr. Remi Amelunxen is based on scholarly, highly acclaimed works on St. Joseph recommended by Pope Pius IX. It also references The Mystical City of God by Ven. Mary of Agreda, praised by St. Pius X. A short and easy to read summary, it brings to light many unknown aspects of his life.

An important book that promises to enlarge your knowledge of the great Saint and increase your devotion to him.

Pious and thought-provoking.

96 pp.   $10

MORE on this book

Tradition in ActionCatholic bookstore

 catholic   A timely return of a classic from the 2nd century

     Tertullian_Conversion of Jews



One of the first Apologetic Fathers of the Church proves to the Jews that the Messiah expected by the Prophets can be no one else but Jesus Christ.

A quite pertinent theme, since today’s Vatican recommends Catholics to no longer stress this truth, and encourages them to admit the false messiah of the Jews.

Add it to your library today! You won’t regret it.

Smooth translation, brilliant arguments, fascinating reading.

80 pp.      $10

MORE on this book

Tradition in Action catholic books

 catholicbooks   A clear, consistent position on the polemic of war - by Atila Sinke Guimarães

     War Just War


Guimarães presents forgotten principles from Natural Law, Scriptures, and Catholic Morals that support war and applies them to the present-day situation. Do you want to know why the progressivists are against the war? He describes their utopic dream for a one-world order that lies behind the anti-war position. He also explains the pacifist hysteria of some religious leaders.

An easy reading and timely work.
Order it now! 100 pp.   $10

MORE on this book

Tradition in Action catholic books

 catholic bookstore   The Catholic Charismatic movement exposed by John Vennari

     tia019.jpg - 40709 Bytes


About the Catholic Pentecostal movement
Where it started.
What's wrong with it.
What the Church teaches.

John Vennari attended several important Charismatic encounters and reports what he witnessed. They are vibrant written close-ups of what he saw.

In a jovial, intelligent and appealing sytle, the book is at the same time a very serious document. Gives Catholics a valuable tool to refute proponents of this movement. Well researched. A lively read.

SOLD OUT!  175 pp.    $12

Tradition in Action catholic books

 catholic books   The influence of Karl Rahner's flawed theology in Vatican II and the post-Conciliar Church

     Karl Rahner

A Critical Examination of

by Robert C. McCarthy

The German theologian, Karl Rahner, skillfully undermined Catholic theology for years before Vatican Council II. Rahner not only invented a new theology, he invented a new language to describe it! It became, in effect, a "coded" language, understandable only to initiates. This book in many points helps to break the code and lays bare the true meaning of Rahner's bizarre theories, showing how they permeated Vatican II and its aftermath.

The thinking of Karl Rahner is especially important today, because he was the mentor of Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, today Benedict XVI.

Don't miss this one!   62 pp.  $7

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Tradition in Action Catholic books
Tradition in Action bookstore

 catholic books     An important episode in our Catholic history!

      B_Agreda.gif - 4163 Bytes


Mother Mary of Agreda was a cloistered Conceptionist Sister who never left her Convent in Spain. Nonethleless, she bilocated to America many times between 1620-1631 to instruct the Indians in the faith. Margaret Galitzin tells the well-documented history of these bilocations of "the lady in blue," as the Indians called her, to the American Southwest. This is the same Mother Mary of Agreda who wrote the work on Our Lady titled The Mystical City of God.

Includes her letter to the missionaries in the New World
32 pp.    $5

Tradition in Action catholic books

 catholic books     An important analysis on support of JPII for Marxism

      B_curious.gif - 9944 Bytes


Sycophants of John Paul II normally spread that he is a champion against Communism and Marxism. A. S. Guimarães shows the opposite is true. He analyzes the concepts of property, work, and Capitalism in the encyclicals of John Paul II, and shows how they assist Marxism and conflict with the past teaching of the Church.

Read these well-supported arguments demonstrating that John Paul II, as well as his two precedessors, support Marxism by way of the ideas and the facts.

An essential study for anyone who wants to understand the present day position of the Church on social and economic issues.
28 pp.    $5

Tradition in Action catholic books

catholicbooks  Scholars show that the Church was right to punish Galileo

     B_galileo.gif - 7609 Bytes


It is common in countless revolutionary milieus to criticize the Holy Inquisition and the Catholic Church for the condemnation of Galileo. A. S. Guimarães offers an incisive report on how scholars have concluded that the condemnation of Galileo by the Inquisition was correct. Consequently, the Catholic apologies are faulty regarding this matter.

A timely analysis - Many good quotes!     18 pp.    $5

Tradition in Action catholic books

 catholic bookstore    A timely, concise refutal of the lies and inaccuracies in The Da Vinci Code

     B_davinci.gif - 8426 Bytes


Marian T. Horvat exposes the principle falsehoods in the book The Da Vinci Code. Shows the historical errors and blatant fabrications in this work of fiction. Gives Catholics all the ammunition they need to refute its sophisms.

A clear demonstration of the anti-Catholic bias of the author.
14 pp.    $4

Tradition in Action Catholic books

 catholic bookstore   A document about Hell - with Ecclesiastical Approval

     B_letter from beyond.gif - 7316 Bytes


A message addressed to a friend from a soul condemned to Hell.
Impressive! Theologically sound! Morally edifying!
This work was widely spread in many countries under Pius XII and became famous for the many conversions it produced.

Includes an Appendix on The Existence of Hell.

Get your copy now in a convenient booklet form.
Help to spread it.  40 pp.   $6

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Tradition in Action Catholic books

 catholic books  John Vennari shows how the anti-Modernism of St. Pius X is being undermined

     B_pius.gif - 7895 Bytes


John Vennari points succintly to two models of the Papacy that clash. St. Pius X represent 2000 years of Catholic doctrine. John Paul II and the other conciliar Popes represent something different.

The author explains what Modernism is, how St. Pius X valiantly fought it, and how the last Popes are essentially following it.

Includes an Appendix with the Oath Against Modernism

Modernism in a nutshell!  56 pp.   $6

Tradition in Action Catholic books

 catholic books   A Vatican document on the Jews makes a complete change in traditional Church teaching

     B_biblical commission on the jews.gif - 10548 Bytes


A. S. Guimarães analyzes the most recent Pontifical Biblical Commission (PBC) document on this topic with a preface by Cardinal Ratzinger.
This shocking document proposes that a future Jewish messiah would be accepted by Catholics, that Catholic should learn how to read the Scriptures from the Jews, and more. Guimarães clearly shows that the PBC and Cardinal Ratzinger adopted a false method of interpretation of Holy Scriptures, a method condemned by prior Popes and Councils as Protestant, Liberal, Modernist and Progressivist. This work has been sent to all the Bishops of the country. To date, no argument has denied its clear and objective analysis.

A must on the subject.  44 pp.   $6

Tradition in ActionCatholic books

 Catholic books   A timely and concise answer for Catholics about the Rapture theory  -  Marian T. Horvat

     B_the rapture virus


Many Catholics are confused by the Rapture theory being spread by the Left Behind books and movie. This booklet explains the Protestant evangelical theory, how and why it was "invented," and how it conflicts with Catholic teaching. Know also the true Catholic doctrine on the Last Times.

The best vaccine against the Rapture virus is to know the truth!
16 pp.   $4

Tradition in Action Catholic books

 Catholic books   Why can't the Catholic and Lutheran doctrines on justification be reconciled?

     B_luther.gif - 8391 Bytes


Author John Vennari looks at various steps in the 30-year process leading up to the 1999 Augsburg Accord - and documents the full support the work received from John Paul II. The Lutheran-Catholic Accord is being hailed as a major breakthrough in ecumenical relations. Vennari clearly shows, however, the impossibility of achieving a common understanding on two diametrically opposed teachings.

A clarifying and useful presentation of the facts.  24 pp.   $5

Tradition in Action Catholic books

 Catholic books   Bestseller! Facing the realities of a growing menace

     B_muslim.gif - 7668 Bytes


An analysis of the opposing religious forces in the Middle East and the massive Muslim penetration of Western civilization, encouraged by Church authorities. Documents the increasing persecution of Christians in Muslim countries and the threat of a global jihad.

A needed study, pertinent to the issues of our days.  28 pp.   $5
Tradition in Action

 Catholic books   Papal support for the Masonic ideal of a Universal Republic

     B_universal.gif - 9041 Bytes


The United Nations was founded to achieve the Masonic ideal of a universal republic of peace independant of God, yet it became impotent before the many wars raging throughout the world. When its influence began crumbling, it was the Conciliar Popes of the Catholic Church who came to its support, praising its revolutionary ideals of liberty, equality and fraternity and conflicting with Church doctrine as taught by prior Pontiffs.

A unique analysis.  28 pp.   $5
Tradition in Action Catholic books

 catholic bookstore   Great for Catholic schools and Homeschoolers.   A dramatic story of heroism

     B_pelayo.gif - 7145 Bytes


Confronted by an overpowering enemy, this true warrior of resistance placed his trust in God and his Holy Mother and led his small band "to conquer or die!" Protected by the Virgin of Covadonga, these valient men vanquished the Moorish army and began the Catholic reconquest of Spain.

Real Spanish history for Catholic students.  20 pp.   $4

Tradition in Action Catholic books

catholic bookstore    The Crusades: An epic episode of History

     B_crusades.gif - 6996 Bytes


An explanation of the true nature of the Crusades and a defense of the heroic defenders of the Church against the absurd criticisms and misunderstandings of today.

Excellent for students and apologetics. 18 pp.   $4

Tradition in Action Catholic books

 catholic bookstore   Guimarães clarifies the debate on We Resist You to the Face

     B_sede.gif - 8104 Bytes


The Statement We Resist You to the Face (April 2000) received an outpouring of support from around the world, and also a barrage of accusations from both progressivists and sede-vacantists who are trying to place the authors outside the visible Church.
To clarify this complex issue, Michael J. Matt (one of the authors) interviews Atila Sinke Guimarães (the principal author) about the main criticisms received. Those who are distressed by the statements and actions of the present Pope should read this booklet to see why sede-vacantism is not a viable option.

Buy several and pass them out! 20 pp.  $4

Tradition in Action Catholic books

catholic books   A long overdue counter-attack to Jewish challenges

     B_cordial.gif - 9117 Bytes


The recent "Dabru Emet" statement of Jewish Scholars praises the public statements of remorse by Catholics for past mistreatment of the Jews and Judaism. It then proceeds to falsely approximate the Catholic Church with Nazism. Guimarães not only destroys this accusation, but exposes the little-known tenets of the Jewish Talmud that vilify non-Jews and exhort Jews to deceive and despoil non-Jews, particularly Catholics. He then invites the Rabbis and Scholars: "Gentlemen, isn't it your turn to ask pardon?"

A timely work to spread and study. 20 pp.   $4

Tradition in Action

 catholic   Exposing the radical and moderate progressivists' plans about the Papacy

     B_petrine.gif - 7550 Bytes


A penetrating analysis of three important documents of the progressivists on the reform of the Papacy:
     *  The 1996 Oxford lecture of Archbishop John R. Quinn;
     *  Quinn's new book The Reform of the Papacy
     *  Russell Shaw's book Papal Primacy in the Third Millenium.

Highly informative! 46 pp.   $6

Tradition in Action

 catholic   A Church that is no longer Catholic

     B_wac.gif - 7772 Bytes

Radical Aims, Dangerous Errors

An exposé of the radical aims of the extreme progressivists based on the movement's own book and numerous articles from European newspapers. This study sheds light on the plot by WAC to press for women's ordination, married priests, a Papacy without power or privilege, Bishops elected by the people, and a new and far-reaching revolution in the sexual morality of the Church.

The most complete exposé of WAC that exists in English. 32 pp.   $5

Tradition in Action

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