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In the Murky Waters of Vatican II

Atila Sinke Guimarães

The first volume of the 11-volume study on Vatican II
Eli, Eli, Lamma Sabacthani? (My God, my God, why hast Thou forsaken me?)
A classic.

New, revised, updated 3rd edition with Word & Subject Index!

Murky Waters of Vatican II
This book broke the myth of Vatican II! In 1997 when it was first published, no one dared to disagree publicly with the Council. Today everyone discusses its progressivist influence.

Know how ambiguity in the official texts of Vatican II opened the door for progressivist interpretations. Learn how Progressivism then installed itself in the Catholic Church.

A carefully written, authoritative book about the Council and its aftermath. This is becoming the defining book on the inner workings of Vatican II and what it means for the Church.

A landmark in American Catholicism

From the Special Foreword by Fr. Malachi Martin:

"This volume established the author, Atila Sinke Guimarães, as one of the best informed latter day students of that epochal event, the Second Vatican Council … One reads in this volume with a certain sickening feeling the unified way in which the Church's own theologians and prelates conspired willingly to bring about the present trend to the de-Romanization and the de-Catholicizing of the once monolithic institution."

Format: Paperback, 396 pp.
Publication Date: 2007   (A-1)

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Foreword by Malachi Martin

Table of Contents

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Vatican II, Homosexuality & Pedophilia

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Formerly the Appendix
Now a Special Edition to the Collection
A work that became a special edition to this Collection

This work was titled The Catholic Church and Homosexuality and was published in the first two editions of In the Murky Waters of Vatican II as an appendix.

However, given the extent that the phenomena of homosexual and pedophile priests assumed in the Catholic Church, many friends asked Atila Guimaraes to update that work in order to cover those scandals mainly in the United States.

So, responding to those requests, in 2004 he published a much expanded work that now is titled Vatican II, Homosexuality & Pedophilia.

It gives a more complete view of one of the Items concerning the moral crisis in the Catholic Clergy as a consequence of Vatican II.

Tradition in Action

Table of Contents

Chapter I - Ambiguity in the Texts of Vatican II's Official Documents

Chapter II - Why the Ambiguity?

Chapter III - Authoritative Testimonies that the Language of Vatican II Is Ambiguous

Chapter IV - Srategies that Led to Ambiguity during the Council

   1. Ambiguity to Achieve Unanimity
   2. Ambiguity to Prepare the Future

Chapter V - After the Council, Ambiguity stimulates Progressivists to Draw More Conclusions from it

Chapter VI - Ambiguity: Fruit of the Class between Two Opposing Thoughts

   1. Two Concepts of the Church Confront Each Other
   2. In the Murky Waters of Vatican II, a Meeting of Two Rivers
   3. Synthesis: The Name Given to Ambiguity in order to Favor Progressivism
   4. Pastoral Council? Dogmatic Council? Chassé Croisé of Interpretations. Who Profits from the Confusion?
     A. Theological Qualification of Vatican II
         a. The Two Qualifications - Dogmatic and Pastoral - Do Not Exclude Each Other
         b. According to the Subject Matter It Dealt with, Vatican II Is Simultaneously Dogmatic and Pastoral
         c. Reasons of Convenience to Qualify Vatican II as Pastoral
         d. The Emphasis Given by John XXIII and Paul VI to the Pastoral Aspect of the Council Does Not Exclude Its Dogmatic Qualification
         e. The Dogmatic Tone Is Accentuated in the Promulgation of the Documents
          f. The Pastoral Characteristic Is Stressed in the Preliminary Notes
     B. A Practical Consideration: Ambiguity in its Theological Qualification Serves as a Tool of Progressivist Victory

Chapter VII - Is There a Doctrine underlying the Ambiguity?

   1. A Hesitating Theology is Supposedly Normal
   2. Subjacent to Ambiguity, the Doctrine of Universal Evolution
   3. Ecclesia Semper Reformanda

Chapter VIII - Another Source of Ambiguity: Tendentious Omissions

   1. Virginity of Mary Most Holy
   2. Original Sin
   3. The Existence of Hell
   4. Distinction between the Church Militant and the Church Triumphant
   5. The Roman Character of the Church
   6. Survival of the Western Patriarchates
   7. The Council’s Position regarding Freudian Psychoanalysis

Chapter IX - A Doctrinal Consequence: Ambiguity Implies Concessions to Other Religions and the Modern World

   1. Concessions to the Other Religions
     A. Ambiguities in the Conciliar and Post-conciliar Language in the Liturgical Reform of the Mass
         a. Excerpts from Sacrosanctum Concilium that Open the Way for Changes in the Liturgy of the Mass
         b. The Modifications of the 1969 Missal and the Remodeling of 1970
         c. An Example of Tendentious Ambiguity: the Priestly Role of the People
         d. Two Extremely Important Points
         e. Other Topics, Not Studied Here, on the Reform of the Mass
         f. The Ambiguities in the New Documents Contain Profound Affinities with Protestant Rites
         g. Conclusions on the Protestantization of the Church beginning with the Liturgical Reform
     B. Multiple Concessions to the False Religions
   2. Concessions to the Modern World
     A. Ambiguity in Conciliar Language regarding the Concept of the World
     B. Adaptation of the Church to the World: General Considerations
     C. The Church Should No Longer Orient and Influence the Temporal Order, but Adapt Herself to It
     D. On Adapting the Church to the World: The Limits between the Spiritual and the Temporal Spheres Begin to Dissolve
     E. Behind the Concept of Adaptation Looms the Notion of Divine Revelation in the World and in History
     F. . . . that Demands a New Theology
     G. Such Doctrine Also Implies the Virtual Destruction of Christendom
     H. . . . and the Preaching of Socialism

Chapter X - Other Consequences: Conciliar Ambiguity Provokes a Crisis of Discipline, generating a Crisis of Faith and Morals

   1. Crisis of Unity in the Church
   2. Strategic Impasse
   3. Moderates and Arditi Lament the Emergence of the Conservative Reaction
   4. Non-conformity of the Arditi with the Slowness of “Moderate” Leaders
   5. Among Progressivists, Authority Loses Credibility and Is Contested
   6. Crisis in the Clergy and in the Religious Orders
     A. Crisis in the Secular Clergy
         a. Abandonment of the Ministry, Drop in the Number of Vocations, Shortage of Priests
         b. Controversy about Priestly Celibacy and the Phenomenon of Married Priests
         c. The Scandal of Ecclesiastical Concubinage
         d. Priests Succumb to the Vice of Alcoholism
         e. Homosexuality in the Clergy
     B. Crisis in Religious Orders
         a. A Paradigmatic Example: The Society of Jesus
         b. Crisis among Women Religious
   7. Crisis of Faith among the Faithful


Tradition in Action

Comments of Readers

"This work will constitute an irreparable blow to the forces of the Revolution that have infiltrated the Holy Church in this phase of self-destruction and the internal expansion of the smoke of Satan."
— Dr. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira, author, professor, Catholic Pontifical Un., São Paulo

"Obviously, I admire this book -- both for the strength of its scholarship and its conclusions, which are the best explanation I have yet seen of what the Council did … In fact, I suggest you buy three copies, one for yourself, one for a seminarian, pastor or religious, and one for your bishop."
— Fr. Charles Fiore

"The 60-page Appendix, an overview of "The Catholic Church and Homosexuality" is alone worth the price of the book!"
— Solange Hertz, author, journalist

"The great value of this work is that, instead of giving us mere opinions, hopes and fears, as so many other books on the Council do, In the Murky Waters of Vatican II gives the facts unearthed by meticulous research and carefully substantiated with detailed documentation. … I would urge as many Catholics as possible to read this book, for once we are well informed, we can speak out openly, confident that the Truth can never harm our beloved Church, but can only help restore Her to her erstwhile Glory."
— Mark Ellis, Christian Order, London

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